Bobbi Henry
Theta Healing
Reiki Master
Laurel ~ "Bobbi is an incredible healer with psychic and medium-ship abilities to boot! She is sincere, kind, and worth your time and money."

Lacey F. ~ "My life was affected hourly by anxiety attacks. I had such fearful days I could not leave my house of function as the average person. Each session with Bobbi gives me longer and longer periods free of the fear and chaos in my head. I went from constant anxiety with rare moments of relief to a peaceful life with occasional anxiety. Thank you Bobbi for the freedom of a peaceful mind."

Hammy ~ "Aside of being a fantastic person and true example of generosity, kindness, and optimism, Bobbi is uniquely gifted. She is unlike any other person I have met and her talents are nothing short of miraculous. Though I cannot explain with words how she is able to do what it is she does, I do know it works - it makes a difference. Bobbi has helped me find inner peace, confidence, and forgiveness, all of which have brought me true happiness and love for myself and others. When others say they notice a wonderful difference in me, I tell them its because of Bobbi. She is truly an angel sent to help others find peace, light and joy in themselves and in the world."

Annie ~ "I have taken Theta classes from Bobbi. I have been working on healing myself and with the knowledge I have learned from Bobbi, it has helped me to finally let go of my protection I carried around for many many year. The protection I am talking about is my fat. I was very overweight and with help from Theta I have lost over 100lbs. I honestly know that without Bobbi's classes and her healing abilities I would not have been able to finally let go of the weight. It is so wonderful to have my life back and be able to do the things I always dreamed of."

A.M. ~ "I first heard of Bobbi through a friend who was a client of hers. When my friend described to me what Bobbi's healings and sessions entail I was intrigued. I had embarked on this spiritual journey in mid 2006 and was searching for something. I didn't know what that something was but all I knew was SEARCH SEARCH SEARCH!
I set up an appointment to go see her and although I was curious, I didn't know WHAT I was going to see her for. We sat down and started talking and I just opened up to 'my life'. My experience with the session was simple, subtle and non-threatening. I loved how she radiated knowledge and serenity.
I saw her about 3 more times after that, all to clear up any beliefs or programs that were getting in my way... In my way of peace, happiness, love and all the good and positive aspects of life. I now feel amazing and new! All those old unneeded programs that I had been carrying are no longer hindering me in any way thanks to Bobbi.
I knew after my first session with her that this is what I needed to do as well. I needed to help people get better and get beyond their blockages that hold them back from leading a wondrous and fulfilled life.  So, not only is Bobbi my Theta Healing practitioner, she is also my instructor, mentor and friend. I love you Bobbi!"
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