Bobbi Henry
Theta Healing
Reiki Master

What is Theta Healing?



Theta healing is a sophisticated technology for healing, utilizing a set of techniques that allows you to quickly identify deeply held blocks and to reprogram the unconscious mind to be free of negative beliefs.  Theta Healing is essentially applied quantum physics using the Theta Brainwave. This brainwave which until recently was believed to be accessible only in sleep or yogi-level meditation or hypnosis. Theta Healing began as a highly effective treatment for diseases like cancer.



What can Theta healing do for you?


Theta Healing is an extraordinary technique that allows for immediate results in physical healing, as in disease and the emotional healing in the rewriting of your feelings and beliefs permanently.  Theta Healing gives you the choice and the power to change every aspect of your life, allowing you to look and feel the way you wish in your physical appearance, and health. Enjoy rewarding relationships and the success in your life you are searching for. To master your thoughts and actions. To act rather than react to situations.  To bring peace and happiness as a daily condition.

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