Bobbi Henry
Theta Healing
Reiki Master
Welcome to a new beginning

Bobbi Henry is a Psychic Medium, Theta Healer and instructor, and Reiki Master. Bobbi has a large student and client base from Utah to Texas, Boston to California, and Peru to Japan.



Bobbi as a Psychic…


As a medium Bobbi has served many grieving families to heal and move forward to a positive and healthy life. To bring peace and resolution to estranged families. To give and receive messages from the other side. To give spiritual guidance and counseling. Angel and spirit guide readings. Gallery Readings are conducted at Columbia College in Salt Lake where she has been referred to as the “Comedium” as a play on words as her readings are fun and laughter is a large part of the experience.


Bobbi as a Healer…


Bobbi has been practicing various forms of holistic healing for many years.

She is certified in Theta Healing as a practitioner and as Instructor. She is a Reiki Master and has certifications in Quantum Touch, Cranial Sacral and Covert Hypnosis.  Theta Healing being her primary modality.  See What is Theta Healing?  button for more info.



Bobbi as a Teacher…


Bobbi utilizes her unique style of teaching from a light hearted approach.  Her philosophy is learning should be fun as well as educational. Come learn Theta with Bobbi and learn to use the Theta brainwave to open  the door to a new and powerful tool. To open your conscious and unconscious mind.  Learn to remote view. To finding and increasing your specific intuitive and psychic powers.

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